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Delux Diner External (side)
Dining Trailer Internal
Delux Diner External
Delux Diners Internal 5
Delux Diners Internal
Delux Diners Internal 3
Delux Diners Internal 4
Delux Diners Rear


Double- Deck 

Length: 30 - 40ft

Width: 8ft

Seats: 68 - 82

Single- Deck

Length: 35ft

Width: 8ft

Seats: 50

  • Upper and lower dining floors

  • Light and bright environment

  • Increased head-height for extra comfort

  • Modern comfort-moulded seating

  • Smart, hygienic dining tables

  • Health & Hygiene compliant food servery

  • Central heating & Air conditioning

  • On-board hand washing

  • Cool water drinks dispenser

  • Background music system

  • Tinted windows for privacy & comfort

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